Social Action


The Social Action Committee reaches out to those who are socially or economically disadvantaged. The committee aims to take action in three ways: provide hands-on help to groups or individuals in need; provide educational opportunities around issues of
social and economic justice; contribute financial support to programs where church members are actively involved. The Sharing Foundation, House of Hope, Habitat for Humanity and Open Pantry, are some of the organizations which benefit from the involvement of the FRS community.

In addition, each year the church donates personal gifts for a number of needy families associated with the Butler Middle School in Lowell. The committee has focused much of its effort on Lowell because of the city’s close proximity and the enormous need there.

 Photo: FRS trip to Cambodia to see the work of The Sharing Foundation (TSF), January 2014. Visitors gather with children at the front porch of the orphanage in Roteang

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