Religious Education Outreach Projects


Little Arks for Houston

Our children sent their hand-made boat to Houston filled with diapers, socks, underwear and toothpaste.  We are Unitarian Universalists with Hands that are Ready to Serve.....



We filled many, many more plastic bags - at least 5 boatloads!



That's our bubble-wrapped boat, ready to go to Texas!


Harvest Fair - students raise money selling jams, caramel apples, local produce they have gathered each year. They use the proceeds they have earned to support a variety of outreach projects they have chosen--CityReach, Common Cathedral, Lowell Animal Shelter, The Sharing Foundation plus many others over the years. The Social Action Committee matches the money the students raise to demonstrate their support of our youth's efforts.



Crop Walk for Hunger - this yearly event takes place in Concord. Students get pledges from congregants and other friends.


Common Cathedral - Each year FRS provides lunch for guests at the Common Cathedral in Boston and joins in the service that follows the meal.   Our children plant and care for a garden in the churchyard all summer.  We use the produce we grow to make hot soup for people who are hungry at Common Cathedral.

OARS River Cleanup - Under the leadership of Joe Jancek, our youth build boats to go out on the Concord River to clean up invasive species and litter in the fall.

House of Hope Christmas Stockings - During our Elf Workshop in December, our children make a gift for others who may not have anything on Christmas morning.  We fill Christmas stockings for children living at the House of Hope in Lowell, a shelter for homeless families. 


CityReach - Each year our teens travel into Boston to serve along-side the homeless.  They listen to stories and walk the streets of Boston to see the world through the eyes of people who live on the streets.  Youth collect supplies and work all day on Saturday to feed and clothe many homeless people of all ages.