at the First Religious Society in Carlisle
Unitarian Universalist
2017-18 church year


~ Sunday Mornings and More ~

Our congregations supports our families by creating a loving, learning, fun, safe community for all ages where all can grow in knowledge, compassion, wisdom, and skill. 


What to Expect on Sunday Mornings

All children begin together upstairs in the Sanctuary with their families at our 10 AM service.  During this time they gather with friends and family and listen to a musical prelude and words of welcome.  They sing a hymn and speak the words of our chalice and covenant. After a story, the children will leave together to participate in our religious education programming in the lower level.

There is a weekly e-mailed newsletter (The Meetinghouse Messenger) that has information about the coming Sunday and events you will want to know about for your family. Please let me know if you would like to be on this email list by emailing me at

Parking is available both on Church St and School St.    In addition to on-street parking, parking is also available in the school building parking lots off of both School Street and Church Street.  If you are able, please park in the school parking lot and save the closest spots for those who need to be close.


Religious Education Leadership

Pam Howell is our full-time Director of Religious Education.  Pam has a Masters of Education and is currently a Masters of Divinity student at Andover Newton Theological School.  Pam has been teaching children for over 25 years and is a Credentialed Religious Educator at the Masters Level. Pam works closely with our Religious Education Committee.  Together they guide the program from Littles through High School. RE Committee members are Amy Smack (chair), Abby Zimmerman, Sarah Napier, Brin Chen, Michael Berlinski, Susan Bacher,  Pam Howell and Rev. Lisa Mobayed.  We meet the first Sunday each month from 11:30-1pm in the RE Office.  Our meetings are open to all.

Who Teaches?

Most of our classes are taught by our DRE, teens, parents and adults in the congregation. Please contact Pam Howell to find a good fit for you.   High School Youth are invited to assist in the Littles program as a compensated or volunteer job.



Babies are welcome in our sanctuary.  We have a Wiggle Corner for a parent and infant to be able to be together in comfort.  We want families with young children to feel the support of a faith community.  We can have a parishioner available if you would like an adult to carry your child so you can have a respite in this busy time in life.  Just contact Pam Howell for us to arrange for a person to be ready and able upon your arrival.

Littles RE Program (ages 1 year – 4 years)

Our youngest children at FRS are welcomed by our Nursery Care Teen Leader, Holly West and our Teen Teachers, Katerina Rencs, and Carly Neale Paris. An adult parent is also present each week to assist in caring for our Littles in their classroom in the lower level.  Children will listen to a story, do a small craft, and share both joys and concerns.  They will also share a snack together.   Children are also welcome to remain in our sanctuary and play in the Wiggle Corner. We love our UU children at FRS and want your family to feel comfortable in our church home as your child makes the transition to a church family.

K-Ones RE Program (Grades K-1st)

Our K/1 children have a room and program that serves to address the unique needs of this special age group.  Our Teen Leader, Brianna Neptune, welcomes these children each Sunday along with one or two parent teachers.  K-Ones meet downstairs in the lower level.  Their program has some variety, but also the comfort of a predictable pattern.  The first Sunday they participate briefly in an opening circle with the Middles and then have the option of staying to sing in the Children's Choir or moving to their classroom for Community Block Building - a hands-on chance to build with their new friends.  The 2nd Sunday, they will learn for the UU Curriculum, Love will Guide Us;  the 3rd Sunday, they will have an activity with their Jr. Youth Group Buddies, and the 4th Sunday they will participate in Spirit Play, a unique and contemplative way of delivering story while calming the mind.  Each week, they will light the chalice, share joys and concerns and have a snack together.

Middles RE (Grades 2nd-5th Grades)

Children in this age group participate in a program of spiritual exploration through story, nature, worship and science.  The program is divided into seasonal terms that meet throughout the year.  Each term allows children to experience their spirituality through a series of hands-on workshops, including art, drama and social action.  Our children are led by our DRE, our parent teachers, and sometimes our teen youth.   

Children's Choir (Grades K-8th) 

A Children's Choir will meet on the first Sunday of each month during regular RE programming.  6th -8th graders are welcome to join in this joyful group. In addition to the first Sunday, we will have short ‘sings’ right after Sunday School on Sunday mornings.  Bringing children's voices into our sanctuary is a gift to all.  Children's Choir Directory: Judy Bose


Junior Youth Programming (Grades 6-9th) - Sunday mornings from10am-11:30am

Neighboring Activists (Grades 6-9th) - Fall and Holiday Terms

Our middle-school youth will focus on social justice projects in our local area.  They will participate in planting and caring for our FRS vegetable garden, they will participate in the OARS river cleanup, the Concord Area Crop Walk, Common Cathedral, the Bucket Brigade and the Elf Workship.  This is a hands-on program with projects and short field trips designed to build leadership skills, foster friendship and deepen their understanding that our is a hands-on faith.  This program brings real social justice work to our young teens, teaching them the values of our Unitarian Universalist faith by engaging their bodies, minds and hearts.

 Our Whole Lives (OWL) (Grade 8 & 9th) - Fall of 2018 - Sunday Afternoons from 4pm-6pm

Our 8th-9th graders participate in an values-based sexual education program. Our children face many choices and responsibilities with regard to their sexuality. OWL is our way of preparing our youth to make responsible, respectful and safe choices with regard to their relationships.  Teachers:  Pam Howell, Muggsie Rocco, Michael Dundorf.  Coordinator: Jackie Schaefer.


Neighboring Faiths (Grade 6th-9th) - Winter of 2018  - Sunday Mornings, varying times

This spring our Jr. Youth will have an experiential exploration of nearby faith traditions.  They will visit temples, mosques and other houses of worship.  This program is essential considering the times in which we live.  Our Unitarian Universalist youth gain understanding and appreciation for the varied ways people worship and find meaning in life.

Neighboring Activists (Grade 7-9th) - Spring of 2018

This spring our 7th graders will have an experiential exploration of nearby environmental activists.  They will focus their efforts toward hand-building an organic garden in the FRS playground.  They will learn about hydro-planting, preparing balanced soil, seed germantation and much much more.  They will visit Clark Farm and harvest manure and care for the newborn goats.  These teens will connect with the earth and embrace its power to generate good nourishing food.


Coming of Age (Grades 8th-9th) - Winter/Spring Term 2018

Coming of Age (CoA) is a rite-of-passage experience that allows participants to explore who they are and what they believe through retreats, group meetings and social action activities.  The CoA program culminates in June with a Sunday morning service where youth share their individual credos with our congregation.  Leaders:  Rev. Lisa Mobayed with Mark and Pam Howell - 


Night Youth Group - Sunday Evenings from 7-8:30pm, 2017-2018

Each Sunday evening we will gather and have fun.  This is a youth-led group with supportive and caring adults to help them make their dreams come alive. 

Family and Intergenerational Events 

Potluck Dinners, Folk Music, Festivals, Events, Circle Dinners, Soup and Games, FRS Campout and Talent Show, Fishing Derby, Advent Wreath workshop, and a full Elf Workshop are just some of the programs throughout the year. All are welcome.