Religious Education


Our program serves to help our children experience the blessings of belonging to a faith community.  We support our families along the journey of raising their children to be loving, responsible and engaged people.  Our program encourages our children and youth to discover their own inner-sense of spirituality through story, worship, music and community.  We celebrate and grieve that which is worthwhile and difficult in life.  We encourage questioning attitudes, seeing a person's sense of spirituality more as "a fire to be lit than a bucket to be filled." As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that we are here together with many possible beliefs while sharing common moral values.


The over-arching goal of the children’s RE program is to enable the church community and parents in particular, to aid in the spiritual development of our children. We see caring for our families as a ministry, not just a program to get through.  To that end, we focus on the following:
Religious and spiritual development:
  • to understand religion as a universal quest for meaning and purpose
  • to become familiar with the Jewish and Christian roots of Unitarian Universalism and with our world's diverse religious traditions
  • to more fully develop personal expressions of spirituality
Exploring Unitarian Universalism:
  • to learn about Unitarian Universalist principles, sources and people
  • to see how Unitarian Universalism can enhance our day to day lives
Valuing uniqueness:
  • to affirm the uniqueness of all individuals
  • to value diversity in our local and global communities
Awareness of larger connections:
  • to enhance our sense of responsibility to the world community
  • to strengthen our commitment to peace, justice and freedom.