Music and Worship Committee

The goal of this committee is to coordinate the worship service and ensure that it is a positive, enriching experience for all members. The strong music program serves as an integral part of each worship service and provides opportunities for people of all ages to participate. They organize speakers for the Message for All Ages segment of the service, which is specially designed for children, and work with the minister on special themes and programs. Once a month, the committee invites a guest speaker for the service which adds a diversity of voices. They include programs such as the intergenerational holiday pageant, as well as traditional Christmas Eve and Easter services so extended families can come together for worship and celebration.

Members are elected for three-year terms by the congregation.

Music and Worship Committee news: Lay Voices; From the start of this church year you will notice that we have made a small but significant change to our Sunday Service. In response to suggestions, we have invited Lay voices to be part of our Sunday morning. Our services now commence with a member of our congregation leading us in our Chalice Lighting and Covenant. We hope to make this a permanent part of our service, and that the presence of your voices here will remind us that we are, as a community, shaped to a large extent by the ideals of our many members.

Verger; At the bottom of your order of service you will notice that the cumbersome term “Music and Worship Committee Co-ordinator” has been replaced by the simpler and wonderfully antiquated word “Verger.” In the earlier times the Verger served the role of silently assisting in the preparation and conduct of the service. His/Her duties included helping to prepare the logistic details of the service by making ready the sanctuary (candles, pews, hymnals and other items of liturgy) and responding to the requirements of the Minister. Tom Rourk notes that duties also included rousing somnambulant parishioners and disciplining errant choristers. While we will not be beating choir members or chastising those who might be snoring, we will be continuing to perform our traditional function.


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